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The Inner Game of Fitness – Day 9

The Inner Game of Fitness
“Exercise should be regarded as a tribute to the heart.”
- Gene Tunney

It’s day 9 of my health and fitness makeover with Marty the Health Guy. Here’s an update.

Fitness Update:
Last weekend I bought a membership to London’s newest YMCA. I’m diggin’ this facility; it’s bright, airy, brand new and squeaky clean. I hit the Y four times this week for 30 – 40 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine.

I’d never worked out on an elliptical machine before, but I was happy with the results. My heart rate was high and I experienced absolutely no pain in my knees.

My heart rate wasn’t as high as Mirela (my personal trainer and nutrition guru) suggested because my butt muscles hurt. But as my muscles get stronger, increasing my heart rate will not be a problem.

I’m loving the cardio. It burns off my extra energy and I feel grounded for the rest of the day. Motivation will not be a problem during this fitness challenge because I look forward to going to the gym.

Nutrition Update:
Mirela’s nutrition guidelines work well for me. I LOVE eating every 2 to 3 hours – it makes my body feel safe. I never get so hungry that I overeat, and my energy level is stable and consistent throughout the day. I also noticed that I have absolutely no cravings.

It’s also been easy for me to include protein at every meal and snack. I made my own almond butter and hummus this week… yum! My other protein sources include vegan protein powder, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

I stuck to Mirela’s food plan for every meal except my dinner on Thursday, which was my birthday meal at a local Mexican restaurant. I ordered a vegan spinach burrito and beans (thumbs up from Mirela!) but I also ate some chips and salsa as an appetizer and a small fried apple burrito for dessert (thumbs down from Mirela!).

I didn’t feel guilty about what I ate on my birthday though because I don’t want to become so rigid that I can’t enjoy a treat once in a while. If I stick to my fitness and nutrition plan 98% of the time, then once in a while I intend to loosen the reins.

The only unfortunate thing about “loosening the reins” was that my birthday dinner was the night before my weigh-in at Elite, so when I went to see Mirella on Friday I was somewhat pissed off to see that I had gained a pound!

This was a surprise because on Thursday, two people asked me if I had lost weight and I also noticed that my jeans were baggy, so despite the numbers on the scale I definitely feel leaner and healthier.

Strength Training:
On Friday I had my first strength training workout with Mirela. It was DIFFICULT. By the end of our session I thought my legs were going to snap off.

During my hour-long workout, I did sit-ups, push-ups, walking lunges, lat rows, step-ups, and squats, among other exercises. I totally understand now why people have personal trainers – I worked ten times harder then I would have on my own.

One of the things I love about having a personal trainer is the encouragement. I work harder because Mirela is beside me, telling me that I’m doing a great job.

I also love having a fitness expert demonstrate the exercise before I do it. And I’m confident I won’t get hurt because Mirela is there to tell me immediately if I’m doing something wrong.

After my workout, I had a protein shake and checked in with Marty. Here’s a quick video of our conversation:

Will the numbers on the scale budge? Does it matter? Tune in next week to find out. ☺

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  • Monica October 22, 2011, 6:52 pm

    Thank you for these posts, you motivated me to get back on the exercise wagon. You also inspired me to try a spinning class (my butt hurts!).
    I wonder if you don’t do yourself a disservice by being on too strict a diet (I don’t think you get too many calories from fruit & fat, not on that exercise regime). If your body thinks you don’t eat enough it slows down your metabolism so you don’t get too skinny. Even in my best times, I have days I give myself a break and eat chocolate & pastry. A lot of diet gurus think this puts your metabolism into high gear, and if you do some serious calorie-burning that day, you just can’t go wrong.

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