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Vision Board Ideas – How to Make a Vision Board Placemat

Don't be afraid to Love
“Visualize this thing you want.
See it, feel it, believe in it.
Make your mental blueprint and begin.”

- Robert Collier

Last week I got together with a few of my inspiring yogi friends for a vision party. We took over Mindy’s living room with stacks and stacks of magazines, sparkly stickers, poster board, and a buffet of yummy vegan treats.

I usually make vision boards on scrapbook paper and keep them all in an album. But during the party I came up with a brand new vision board idea.

What I created was a vision board placemat for my kitchen table. I decided it’s the perfect place for a vision board because I’ll look at every time I sit down to eat.

Since one of my passions and priorities is health and fitness, for this vision board I cut out health, fitness, and yoga-related images and glued them on a placemat-sized piece of poster board (11.5 x 17”).

For the opposite side, I photocopied some passages from books I love on the topic of food. One of the passages is from Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, “The Mastery of Love”. Don Miguel talks about how food is a sacred offering to our bodies, and how our goal should be not to create a perfect body but to create a perfect RELATIONSHIP with our body.

The second passage I used is from Shakti Gaiwan’s book “Creative Visualization” (I LOVE THIS BOOK!):

“Eating is really a magic ritual, an amazing process in which various forms of energy from the Universe are transformed into the energy that forms our bodies. Whatever we are thinking and feeling at the time is part of the alchemy”.

Shakti goes on to describe an eating ritual where you picture yourself becoming healthier and more beautiful as a result of the food you’re eating. I really like how my vision board placemat reminds of this ritual every time I sit down to eat.

After I was finished making my vision board placemat I had it laminated at Staples. The result is a durable, washable, inspiring placemat that I’ll use for years to come.

You don’t have to make your placemat about health; you can make it about whatever you want. Just make sure the images appeal to you since once your board is laminated, it can’t be changed.

This is also a great craft idea for kids or to make as a gift. If you want to make a set of matching placemats, have your original vision board color-copied a few times and then have them all laminated.

Do you have any unique vision board ideas?? Please send them my way! Also if you made your own placemat, feel free to send me a pic. Happy visioning. :)

xo. kb.

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