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Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.
- Joseph Campbell

My name is KB.

I’m a writer, yoga addict, artist & musician who’s been studying spirituality, intuition, and personal development since before Kermit was green.   A couple of years ago, my friend Andy (a.k.a. The Boston Buddha) started calling me a “spiritual superhero” and it stuck!

The purpose of this website is to entertain and inspire you to raise your vibes and live joyfully!  Living with joy begins with remembering your true identity as a spiritual being, and that as a spiritual being, you have the ability to harness the creative power of your mind to optimize every aspect your life, including your career, finances, relationships, and physical body. This is the process of “aligning with the Divine”.

I LOVE what I do because I believe that when we are aware of our true identity as a soul, we lead more meaningful and blissful lives. We think, speak, and act differently and create healthier relationships. We become aware of our interconnection with each other and with the planet, and we collectively create a more peaceful and sustainable world.

This site contains a wealth of free articles and videos on many topics from life purpose and intuition to physical health and well-being. If you need more personalized attention, please book an intuitive advice session with me.

I love feedback and read every email I receive. Feel free to send me topics you’d like me to write about or just drop me a line to say hi. Please connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube.  I also have two Etsy shops:  one for my art / miscellaneous creations and one for my vibrant spiritual jewelry.

I live in London, Ontario, Canada with my husband Darryl, my 2 dogs, and many happy plants. I love tea, Sridaiva yoga, and “un-cooking” (raw vegan food). :)


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